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Welcome to Bambet’s world - a place where unforgettable winnings come together with an exciting gaming experience. In our quest to pamper our players, we've gone too far and created an exclusive Bambet VIP program. Players will be spoiled with unlimited options, including free spins, bonuses, cashback and many more! Sounds too good to be real? Go ahead and take place in our grandiose VIP program now!
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1 - 40 000 CP
40 001 - 80 000 CP
80 001 - 200 000 CP
200 001 - 300 000 CP
300 001 - 400 000 CP
400 001 - 500 000 CP
500 001 - 1 000 000 CP
1 000 001 - 2 000 000 CP
All Star
2 000 001 - 5 000 000 CP
5 000 000+ CP
0.15 AUD = 1 Point
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Bambet Casino VIP Club

Every beginner at online gambling is after one thing: to maximize their winnings. The best way to do that is to use extra credit. That is why welcome or registration bonuses are now a norm in every online casino. But have you wondered what comes next?

Weekly bonuses offered by some websites will not last long. It applies specifically to newbies to whom everything is new and exciting, and they would like to play as much as they can. What could give them more chances of winning and keep them playing more? An exclusive VIP Club with inciting freebies and extra bonuses! However, not every casino offers such programs.

In fact, there are very few establishments that provide generous membership programs. How to find one that does? Search no more, as you have just found the place! Bambet Casino has a special treat for you. Our Casino VIP program is the best option available in the Australian market. Why? Read on to find out how to enrol, earn points and get free incentives and rewards.

VIP Program For Australian Players At Bambet

Who will benefit the most from such a lucrative offer? We have already mentioned our new users. They will use this opportunity to practice more and get their first big winnings. However, they are not the only group that will love the online casino VIP program that Bambet offers. It will be the perfect choice for anyone who adores playing online games.

If you are a high roller, you will appreciate a program that gives you a chance to get frequent VIP Club bonuses at every stage. It is also a good solution for competitive players who like to better themselves and level up in the classification. And there are many levels for a player to achieve (at the moment, 10). How frequently can you move up, and what are the requirements? Let's find out everything you need to know!

How Does Bambet VIP Club Work?

One of the best parts about Bambet's online casino VIP Club is its accessibility. Anyone can become a member of the VIP Club! It happens automatically as soon as the player registers at Bambet Casino.

It is when they start to collect Status Points during their play. One status point is earned each time a player bets real money of at least 0.15 AUD/0.1 EUR/0.12 USD/0.15 CAD/0.15 NZD/1 NOK/10 INR/0.5 BRL/1.8 ZAR/0.000005 BTC/0.0009 BCH/0.75 DOG/0.00006 ETH/0.0016 LTC/0.1 USDT. The points accumulate in the player's account. The player starts leveling up as soon as they reach 40000 collected points. There are ten levels of player advancement: Newbie, Beginner, Amateur, Adventurer, Pro, Master, Expert, Star, All Star and Elite.

From the Beginner level, the player starts to receive extra rewards like Free Spins with various wagers and Cashback. Free Spins are activated within one day and can be used on BGaming games. Free Spins and Cashback are active for seven days.

There is plenty to strive for because the player who reaches the last Elite level receives as much as 15% Cashback and 125 Free Spins! What other benefits does the player get from being a member of the Bambet Casino VIP program? Let's find out!

The Benefits of Bambet’s VIP Club

The pros of player’s membership in an online casino VIP Club are innumerable, Let us at least mention a few of the most important ones:

  1. Free Spins' name speaks for itself. These are spins you get on us. We not only give extra spins with Welcome Bonuses and our Thursday Bonus. We also reward our players with complimentary spins upon reaching every level of the Bambet Casino VIP program (beginning from the Beginner level).
  2. Cashbacks are the amounts that the player gets back after losing. They constitute the percentage of lost money. Because Bambet knows how awful losing is, we want to make it as painless as possible. That is why every player who reaches the Expert level of our Casino VIP Club starts receiving Cashback amounts.
  3. One of the greatest advantages of the online casino VIP program is the possibility to maximize your winnings. Every player wants to win. Free Spins and Cashback amounts guarantee more playtime. After all, to win, you need to play!
  4. Lastly, being a part of the program gives the players a feeling of unity with the casino. You trust us with your time and money, and we are more than happy to reward you for your loyalty and frequent play.

How exactly do we guarantee you the prolonging of your unforgettable experiences? Find out below all the details about the rewards available at Bambet VIP Club Casino Program.

Membership Levels At Bambet Club

Bambet Casino provides ten levels within the Bambet VIP club. At every step of your journey, you receive incentives for reaching a new level. These will either be Free Spins or a percentage of Cashback on your losses.

The ten levels Bambet Casino offers are:

  • NEWBIE - this level starts your journey. You become a NEWBIE as soon as you register at Bambet Casino. You level up as soon as you reach 40,001 Status Points (SPs).
  • BEGINNER - you need to have between 40,001 and 80,000 SPs to be a BEGINNER. At this level, you start receiving bonuses.
  • AMATEUR - you qualify for this level when you reach 80,001 SPs and stay here until you collect 200,000 SPs.
  • ADVENTURER - this level opens when you collect 200,001 SPs. You stay an ADVENTURER until you reach 300,000 SPs.
  • PRO - this level requires the player to have between 300,001 SPs and 400,000 SPs.
  • MASTER - you become a MASTER when you collect at least 400,001 SPs. To level up, you will need to collect more than 500,000 SPs.
  • EXPERT - an EXPERT is someone who managed to collect between 500,001 and 1,000,000 SPs.
  • STAR - this level requires the player to collect between 1,000,001 and 2,000,000 SPs.
  • All STAR - this penultimate level opens to the player when they reach 2,000,001 SPs. To level up for the last time, the player needs to collect more than 5,000,000 SPs.
  • ELITE - ELITE players managed to collect more than 5,000,000 SPs.

You might wonder: ok, but what are the perks of collecting all the above-mentioned Status Points? Let's find out!

VIP Bonuses For Australians

There are two types of VIP Club bonuses the player can get in the Bambet VIP Program. These are Free Spins and Cashback on losses. The player starts to receive them upon reaching the BEGINNER level.

Have a look below at what Bambet offers for reaching the respective levels:

  • BEGINNER gets 10 FS with 0,1€ denomination and x45 wager
  • AMATEUR receives 20 FS with 0,1€ denomination and x45 wager
  • ADVENTURER is rewarded with 30 FS with 0,1€ denomination and x40 wager
  • PRO bags 40 FS with 0,25€ denomination and x40 wager
  • MASTER gets 50 FS with 0,25€ denomination and x40 wager
  • EXPERT receives 2% Cashback on their past 24h losses and 50 FS with 0,25€ denomination and x35 wager
  • STAR is rewarded with 5% Cashback on their past 24h losses and 75 FS with 0,25€ denomination and x35 wager
  • All STAR receives 10% Cashback on their past 24h losses and 100 FS with 0,25€ denomination and x35 wager
  • ELITE gets 15% Cashback on their past 24h losses and 125 FS with 0,25€ denomination and x35 wager

It is quite an impressive list of bonuses a player can receive from Bambet Casino. All they have to do is play and collect Status Points.

Up To 100 Free Spins For 7 Days

Let us sum up the total number of Free Spins a player can get while advancing in the online casino VIP program. Extra spins are the VIP Club bonuses players can bag at all nine stages of the Bambet VIP program. In total, it is a staggering number of 500 Free Spins with x35-45 wager!

At every level, the spins are credited at the rate of 10-25 Free Spins per day. The rate depends on the number of Free Spins received. It is worth noting that upon receiving Free Spins on every level, they will be valid for seven days. You can use them on games provided by BGaming.

Up To 10% Cashback Bonus

Cashback is our way of saying: we are sorry you have lost, but we have got you! Bambet Casino rewards the players with Cashback amounts on the losses from the 7th level of its online casino VIP program. The players can receive a total of 32% of Cashback on the losses incurred on the previous calendar day (or the previous 24 h). The cashback amounts are credited on the next calendar day.

Terms And Conditions Of VIP Club

The exciting rewards of the Bambet VIP Club Casino Program may make one lose their head. That is why we will list a few VIP club bonuses' terms and conditions. You can always double-check in case you forgot how they work.

Free Spins
  • are awarded on levels 2-10
  • work on Bgaming games
  • are rewarded within one day
  • are credited at the rate of 10 per day on levels 2-6 and at the speed of 25 per day on levels 7-10
  • are valid for seven days
  • are valid for seven days
  • result duration is seven days
  • have a denomination of 0,1€ on levels 2-4 and 0,25€ on levels 5-10
  • have x45 wager on levels 2 and 3, x40 wager on levels 4-6 and x35 wager on levels 7-10
  • is a bonus received on levels 7-10
  • will credit on the player’s account on the next calendar day
  • is based on the amount that the player lost within the previous 24 hours or the previous calendar day
  • is the amount calculated on the basis of a minimum loss of at least 646 AUD (or the equivalent of that amount in the other currencies - please see the terms and conditions)
  • is available for seven days
  • the player must bet for an amount equaling 35 times the cash bonus amount
  • to wager the Cashback bonuses

Make Deposits And Become a Member Of the Bambet VIP Program

Becoming a member of the Bambet VIP Club online casino is as easy as one-two-three. You do not need any VIP Club Casino bonus codes, as it often happens in the case of some other establishments. All you do is register at Bambet, and you are in! Deposit your funds, play VIP Club casino games, earn the Status Points and move up the program to become the ELITE player at Bambet Casino. The rewards in the form of Cashback and Free Spins will be the cherry on top of your increasing level of advancement. Bambet VIP Club is all you dreamt of and more!

It is worth mentioning two more benefits you get when you join Bambet. Your first three deposits will guarantee the three Welcome Bonuses with other exciting extras Bambet prepared especially for you! What is more, Bambet is a safe and legitimate casino. All our games are fair and manufactured by the best providers on the market. We also hold a Curacao licence that guarantees your safety and security. Is there a more suitable place to start your thrilling adventure with online gambling? Surely not!


What is the Bambet VIP Program?

Bambet VIP Program is an exclusive reward program prepared by Bambet for all its users. Every player enrols on the online casino VIP program upon registration. The program consists of 10 levels. The user can level up by collecting an appropriate number of Status Points. At every level, the player receives extra spins, Cashback amounts or both.

How to become a member of the VIP club?

The player is enrolled on Bambet VIP Club upon registration at Bambet's website. It is free and does not require paying any deposit. However, to collect points needed to progress within the casino VIP Program and get the rewards, the player has to play games for real money. Also, paying the deposit gives the player access to the Welcome Bonuses that guarantee higher wins.

Are there any benefits to becoming a member of the VIP Program?

Yes. You receive rewards each time you level up. These take the form of Free Spins and Cashback amounts on your previous day's losses. These benefits allow you to play more and, at the same time, increase your chances of winning big money.

Which bonuses will I receive as a VIP player?

You will receive two types of bonuses: Free Spins and Cashback. Free Spins will allow you to play Bgaming games for free for a set number of spins. Cashback will give you back a certain percentage of your previous day's losses. The number of Free Spins or percentage of Cashback amount you receive depends on the level you reach.

Should I wager a cashback bonus?

To wager the cashback bonuses, you must make bets for an amount that equals 35 times the cash bonus amount.

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